Residence permit is a necessity for living in Turkey legally. Residence permits are being issued by the Migration Management Institution. The application and interview process is being made by the local offices of the institution. We have gathered the frequently asked questions regarding to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for you:

Q6: What is apostille? Why is it necessary for residence permit documents?

Apostille is a document approval system which enables the validity of a legal/official document and which is used legally in another country. Apostille is necessary for documents to be added to the residence permit application so that they are proven to be valid and legal documents.

Q7: Where can I get apostille?

If you are a citizen of the country who is a party to the Apostille agreement, you are required to get the document from the authorities of the country where you received the document. (List of parties to the Apostil Agreement can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Turkey.)

Q8: Does a document, which is apostilled, also need to be approved?

In order to be used at Turkish institutions, the sworn Turkish translation must be approved by a notary public.

Q9: I will stay with my friend, may he/she submit an undertaking stating that I will stay with her/him?

In case of staying with a third person (except relatives) the person you will stay with is required to submit notarized undertaking (if the person you are going to stay with is married, the spouse is also required to submit notarized undertaking.) This document is sought for evaluation of your purpose and address of the legal stay.

Q 10: Do I have to obtain a family residence permit for my child?

In case of meeting the conditions, the sponsor shall have the right to apply for the residence permit for his/her own or his/her spouse’s child or for his/her own or his/her spouse’s dependent child over the age of 18 (i.e., severely handicapped dependent on someone else's care).

If the conditions of family residence permit are not met, they can apply for a different residence permit. Evaluation is to be made by the Provincial Migration Management.

For further information about residence permit and to get help for applying to residence permit in Turkey, please contact with one of our experts.

by Bünyamin Esen, Founding Partner & Senior Migration Consultant