Residence permit is a necessity for living in Turkey legally. Residence permits are being issued by the Migration Management Institution. The application and interview process is being made by the local offices of the institution. We have gathered the most common questions regarding to obtain a residence permit in Turkey for you:

Q1: Are people married to a Turkish citizen allowed to apply for a residence permit in case of breach of visa/residence period?

Even if a foreigner who has married to a Turkish citizen breachs his/her visa or residence permit period, he/she is still required to exit the country. Unless exiting the country is possible, he/she may contact with the related provincial migration management.

Q2: I studied at a Turkish university for 2 years. Later, I got into/undergraduate transfer to another Turkish university. What is the procedure I need to follow?

In case of change of faculty or department in the same educational institution and the change of the educational institution in the same province, the existing residence permit shall remain valid provided that the studentship is not interrupted and notified in time. These foreigners should notify the Directorate of Migration Management about the change of department/faculty/school within 20 working days.

If the residence permit time is shorter than the duration of the study, it will be extended until the end of the study period.

However, in the case of continuing education in a different province, the residence permit shall be issued again and would be given until the new education period.

Q3: How can I find the address information and phone numbers of the provincial migration management offices?

The address information and phone numbers of the local provincial migration management offices in 81 provinces are on the official website of the Migration Management Institution ( under the title of “Contact” “Provincial Organisation.”

Q4: Is it possible to go abroad within 90 days evaluation process of the residence permit?

Residence permit application form is being issued for foreigners, who applied for the first time application on the appointment day, by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. The application document, for extension applications, is automatically issued by the system. This document must be approved by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. This application form and approved samples of fee receipts provide multiple exit-entry right for each person on condition that you return within 15 days.

Q5: I will apply for family residence permit, am I required to submit criminal record for each family member?

For family residence permit applications criminal record is required from the person who will be the sponsor. Migration management always has the right to ask for supportive documents.

For further information about residence permit and to get help for applying to residence permit in Turkey, please contact with one of our experts.

by Bünyamin Esen, Founding Partner & Senior Migration Consultant