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If you are looking for a reliable education consultant, you are at the right place.
VIPTurkishPass has been providing foreigners in Turkey for a long time, such as residence permit, work permit, student visa, etc. provides support on issues. Although education consultancy is one of the youngest sectors of our company, we are confident in this regard and believe that we are doing this sacred duty duly. We have touched hundreds of people’s lives with our works, which we have always done based on the principle of customer satisfaction, and we have caused them to live in Turkey in accordance with the law.
We provide high-level services for foreigners to enroll in universities in Turkey. We provide support with our elite service approach in enrolling both private universities and public universities, especially in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.
Do not make a decision before reaching our consultants for admission and registration from dozens of private and public universities.
We are also with you in obtaining a student residence permit,
After you come to Turkey with a student visa and complete your registration, you do not need to struggle to obtain a student residence permit or look for another consultancy company. We will also perform these procedures on your behalf. Residence permit is our area of ​​expertise and we guide this process to the end.

Free and World-Class Education in Turkey

Turkey also impresses with the educational opportunities it offers to your children, who are your future. Citizens receive primary and secondary education, as well as higher education, free of charge at public schools and state universities. Compared to European schools that require astronomical fees, you have the right to study at many world-class universities, from Boğaziçi University to the Middle East Technical University, without paying any fees, and to have free accommodation in dormitories.
University education is given in Turkey in a modern style with international validity. Some universities provide education in Turkish and some in English. Regardless of the university, foreign language education is provided and there is a transition to branches after English ready-made classes. Likewise, after enrolling in Turkish universities, it is also possible to learn Turkish for free or with very symbolic fees by attending your university’s Turkish preparatory courses.

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