Turquoise Card Consultancy

Turquoise Card Program is for you.

By obtaining a Turquoise Card, similar to the Green Card Program implemented by the USA, it is possible to obtain the right to reside and work in Turkey indefinitely, both for yourself and with your family.
Foreigners who meet certain criteria can directly apply for a Turquoise Card. Turquoise Card does not give you a Turkish passport, it gives you the right to live and work in Turkey while keeping your current citizenship.
Foreigners who have turquoise cards get the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Your New Home is Turkey!

Heaven on earth, a booming economy, eighty-two million singlehearted families.
Turkey, where East and West meet; It is the economic and political stability center of both the Middle East and the Balkans, as well as Asia and Africa. Turkey; With its strong economy, deep-rooted political system and tolerant social structure, it is an oasis of peace and investment in a region where political instability is rampant. Invest in Turkey and take your place in this success story.


    Bilgilerinizi Bırakın Sizi Arayalım


      Bilgilerinizi Bırakın Sizi Arayalım


      An Alternative Life Plan

      By obtaining a Turkish passport, you will become a citizen of a strong and high potential country. You will have the right to live with your family in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


      Economic Balance

      Become a partner in Turkey’s success story and anchor in a safe harbor with high potential. By purchasing a house in Turkey, you make a wise investment in the ever-rising real estate market.


      Be European Too!

      You will become a citizen of a multicultural European country where East and West meet and cultural diversity coexist.

      Turkish Citizenship Obtaining Processes

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