Citizenship by Residence

Foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey under certain conditions and for a period can obtain citizenship.

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Foreigners who have been residing in our country for many years and who have completed five (5) years have the right to apply for citizenship if they meet the following conditions. The most important condition in the residence-based citizenship application, which is also known as the “General Application Way”; It is the condition that the foreigner has not been outside of Turkey for more than six (6) months within five (5) years retrospectively. Otherwise, it means “interruption in residence” and the application is not processed.
The most important condition in General Applications; It is the condition of “no interruption in residence”. As we mentioned above, if the foreigner’s time spent outside of Turkey exceeds six (6) months, his application will be rejected.
As a result of this petition, the “Residence Calculation” is made in detail and it becomes clear whether it meets the requirement or not. It may take up to two (2) weeks for the statement of account to be given with the calculation to be made on your petition.
• In order to have your file open in your citizenship application, you must first provide the following required documents completely.
• You can contact us for Application Forms, which is one of the required documents.
• After the documents are prepared as Apostilled, they must also be translated as notarized.
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