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VIPTurkishPass provides the right data in the shortest time and at the most affordable cost, with the principle of common sense with its expert staff and leading academics in our country, in all projects it carries out with its customers. VIPTurkishPass offers a wide range of services from automotive to tourism, from consumer durables to financial services, from real estate to logistics, from technology to public services.
Operating in more than 80 countries, VIPTurkishPass has become the market research partner of dozens of brands in every region of the world in a short time and has been a supporter of the international branding processes of our domestic brands.
As VIPTurkishPass, we offer our customers a real source of information through concrete and intangible data in pre-investment market research studies.

Brand Image and Corporate Image Studies

In today’s marketing world, we see that image is managed by perception studies and perception replaces reality. Companies and institutions that do not make an effort for the image and do not do PR work will disappear over time in the mind of the customer. As VIPTurkishPass, we make the image measurements for our customers and also specify the steps to be taken.
We offer solutions with our research studies in domestic and target markets, which are complementary elements of market research processes.

We offer the best and VIP service for your investment processes in Turkey.

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