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Residence Permit Consultancy in Turkey
If foreigners enter Turkey with a visa suitable for their purpose of arrival, they can benefit from the rights granted to them according to Turkish laws.
NOTE: Foreigners who will work within the scope of clauses 55/c and ç of the regulation based on the law numbered 4817 can work legally without obtaining a residence permit for a period of 90 days within a year, provided that they enter with a visa suitable for their purpose.
Family residence permit, which is issued for a maximum of two years each time
Student residence permit given according to the education period.
Long-term residence permit with no time limit.
Humanitarian residence permit, which is issued for a maximum of one year each time
They are residence permits for human victims, initially 30 days, extendable for six months each time, with a total duration not exceeding three years.
To get detailed information about the conditions for obtaining a residence permit and the subjects on which short-term residence permits can be obtained, residence permits that provide the right to work;
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