Residence Permit
You can live in turkey together with your family

If you join to the Citizenship Through Investment Programme, you do not need to leave the country you live in and to get apart from your family and beloved ones.

Howeever, do you prefer to live in this worldy-heaven country? Both you and your family have the right for this. You can whether coose to live in the country you are currently living in, or in any country allowing Turkish citizens to live in in-accordance with the international agreements of Turkey, or in whereever city you want to live in within Turkey.

Turkey land of opportunity
Turkey a success story

Turkey is now the hub which attracts investors and quafiled human resources into the county and providing citizenship is tool of strengtheining this charm.

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Turkey: an oasis of peace in the Middle East
Specialist service is a must for Turkish citizenship

Alongside being a powerful regional actor. Turkey is also the most stable economoy and political regime of a geography spanning from Africa to Asia.

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There is no need to reside at the same city in which you have purchased a real estate. From the moment you get a passport on, you have the right to live in which part of the country you wish, just like every Turkish citizen. Moreover, this lifelong right is also given to your spouse and your children without any further conditions.