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Residence Permit Application For Foreigners

How Do You Get A Residence Permit In Turkey?

Foreigners who want to get a residence permit must first fill in the online appointment information on the home page of the immigration authority. Online appointment system in the stranger’s name surname, mother and father’s name, details of which it is the citizens and residence lease and health insurance in Turkey, and its own white background funding is required headshot. From online application to lay down the date may remain legally in Turkey.

Documents Required For Sitting Permit

There are 4 different types of residences. These ; we will examine each of the short term residence permits, family residence permits, student residence permits and permanent residence permits differently.

Short-Term Residence Permit Documents
  1. Notarized rental agreement or if it will remain as a guest elsewhere, notarized letter of undertaking for that address
  2. The amount of money that he will show in his bank account for every day he will stay, 500 dollars
  3. Birth certificate from the country of nationality
  4. criminal record from the Registry Office in Turkey
  5. Private health documents
  6. 4 white background passport pictures
Documents Required For Family Residence Permit

For those who are married to Turkish citizens;

  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport and travel document
  • 4 passport pictures
  • Residence permit online application form (from the immigration administration site)
Documents Required For Student Residence
  • Primary and secondary education certificate
  • Immigration administration resident online application form
  • Originals and photocopies of the passport and travel document
  • Visa from the embassy
  • 4 documents
  • Document that it is sufficient
Documents Required For Permanent Residence Permit
  • Residence permit for foreigners residing in the last 8 years
  • First applicants
  • Migration administration online residence form
  • Copy of passport or travel document
  • Submitting the former residence document that it has already received.
  • 4 documents
  • Document stating that he has not received any assistance from the state during his stay in the last 3 years