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VIPTurkishPass optionally offers an ideal property search service to find your ideal home. You can purchase the real estate in which city of Turkey you wish to. You may buy a real estate in a metropolis like Istanbul or near paradise beaches of Antalya.

Turkey land of opportunity
Turkey a success story

Turkey is now the hub which attracts investors and quafiled human resources into the county and providing citizenship is tool of strengtheining this charm.

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Turkey: an oasis of peace in the Middle East
Specialist service is a must for Turkish citizenship

Alongside being a powerful regional actor. Turkey is also the most stable economoy and political regime of a geography spanning from Africa to Asia.

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A Real Estate Bull-Market with Very Few Taxes

Turkey also taxes its citizens based on residency, not citizenship.
Unlike the United States and several other countries to a varying extent, the Turkish tax authorities don’t want their cut if you’re not living in the country and taking advantage of its infrastructure and services.

As a great advantage, real estate tax is just a couple of pennies when compared to astronomic property tax amounts in the North America and Europe. Turkish real estate tax for a property worth USD 250,000 is just a few hundred US dollars annually.

Additionally, Turkish real estate market is on a continuous bull market in the last decade. While your property’s worth is increasing you can enjoy having a regular income by letting the real estate with letting prices in USD currency.

Dual Nationality with Utmost Benefits

You are not required to abandon your existing citizenship. You will have a dual nationality (multiple citizenship) You are not required to migrate to Turkey, you can stay in your existing country as long as you want. But, if you choose you, your children and your immediate family can migrate to Turkey, enjoy a worldly heaven, reside wherever you want to, including İstanbul, Antalya, Smyrna, Bursa and Ankara.

Additionally, if you stay in Turkey, you will benefit from utmost advantages.

If you decide to reside in Turkey, you will have a general healthcare which covers all kinds of sicknesses, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases free of charge. You will have the right to benefit all the social services and social benefits of Turkey.

You and your children will have the right to study at world-class public universities of Turkey, free of charge with no tuition fee.