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How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

How to apply for Turkish citizenship? Before moving on to this issue, what kind of conditions do we need to fulfill and how many types of citizenship are there to make Turkish citizenship? First, by way of foreign investment for citizenship since 2017 250 .000 USD by investing in foreign kani turkey and all the family can apply for citizenship. (18 years old) with a bank account open in the second turkey USD 500,000 money transfer liquid, but must remain in the bank’s money for 3 years after the end of 3 years can withdraw money from the bank. A third way to set up and run a business in Turkey 50 Turkish workers should be entitled to apply for citizenship in three ways.

Application For Citizenship By Other Means

The exception to this process to a foreign citizenship must remain in the 5 years of the entry and exit of turkey and 180 days the country during this period can apply for citizenship in this way exceptional.
Secondly, citizenship through marriage is entitled to apply for exceptional citizenship after three years of marriage. However, it is examined after the application. After all investigations, he gets his citizenship.

Citizenship Application Process

The first step is to obtain a certificate of conformity. In order to obtain this certificate of conformity, the Ministry of Industry and Technology encourages the application to the General Directorate of Foreign Capital. The documents obtained for the citizenship application are collected and made ready.

Questioning The Citizenship Application

There is a waiting period after all the transactions are completed and the application is made and they will give you an application number from the day you apply. You can track your application process from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship of the Ministry of Interior with that application number.

As an additional information, foreigners who apply for citizenship by investment may sell the property they have acquired through investment after 3 years. Many foreigners always ask the same question. After the sale of real estate, our citizenship falls? No such problem, the state’s limit is only 3 years if after 3 years sells real estate citizenship is not damaged.