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Factory Establishment And Permits

What permits are needed to start a business?

We are getting a lot of questions about factory construction. How can I build my own factory how much should I invest, how can I handle this work in the most profitable way, how to get state permits in this article you need to share a short and detailed about the factory establishment and permits I will be found primarily factory establishment and permits.

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Factory Establishment And Permits
What to need to set up a factory

First, you need to find a place where you are going to build the factory. If you have decided where to set up in or out of town, you must obtain the license and deed there. You should collect all the documents required for reconstruction and apply to the municipality with all the necessary documents.

In order to carry out production in the factory, waste, sewerage, electricity and water, such as the necessary municipality to obtain permits need to be applied to the second stage at the end of all these permits.

You must apply for the factory’s operating certificate and then submit your documents where necessary for the opening permit and wait for the opening permit.

Another issue is that you need to provide a clean document to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to ensure that you will not harm environmental and air pollution in factory installation. After all these procedures, you can start your application registration to the industrial chamber.

Factory building Cost

As an investor, if you have set aside your investment to build a factory, there is one thing you need to know. You will consider and allocate money for the money of the place where you will build the factory and the machinery you will buy for the factory and the salaries you pay the employees. So it would not be appropriate to give a clear price but if you want a good investment and a regular income. You will need to invest at least 3 million TL.

What you need to know before starting a factory?

Since the factory is a big investment and a business, you have to take great risk so the person who will build the factory must have a sufficient level of knowledge and experience. If the person who will build the factory does not have previous experience, he should carry out the full responsibility of the enterprise as well as the employees of the factory with the experienced people before starting to do so.
State subsidies and factory building incentives to build factories in Turkey can also benefit from most opportunities.