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With the wide range of end-to-end solutions we offer, VIPTurkishPass™ is in the service of those who want to entrust their future to this beautiful country, which is basically a wordly heaven. With our expert staff speaking in your mother tongue and our VIP service concept we earn you time, money and prestige. We are also aiming to keep being the closest partner and a lifetime supporter in Turkey of our customers after their citizenship procedures are being completed.

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Enter Turkey via the VIP lounge
01.We believe in creativity

Our company’s philosophy is giving VIP services to the customers’ all needs from A to Z, and to come up with fast and efficient solutions.

02.We believe in quality

Work with us to enter Turkey, not from the back-door, but from the VIP lounge.

03.We believe in abilities

We offer A+ services which includes a complete solutions package to every diffuculty of the customer faces in the process of obtaining Turkish passport.

04.We believe in relation

With our end-to-end service concept, we aim to satisfy all the needs of the applicants and ensure their citizenship as fast and as easy as possible.

Hello, Turkey is a centre of economic and political stability of the Middle East and the Balkans, as well as of the Asia and the Africa.

With its strong economy, tolerant societal culture and established political system, the country is an oasis of peace in a region where political instability is an oasis of peace in a region where political instability is the standarts. As the most charitable country in the world in terms of humanitarian aid, Turkey is an investment port with a high potential due to its solid economy and its system based on the rule of law.

VIPTurkishPass, CEO

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