Turkey Passport
Why Turkish passport?
  • You will be investing to a solid economoy with a great upwards potential.
  • You will be travelling to 113 countries visa-free.
  • You will have equal access to the same rights as a Turkish citizen by birth
  • Upon your prefence, you can be able to settle down in Turkey permanently or keep on living in your country.
  • You will be making a reasonable investment in a constantly rising real estate market.
Turkey land of opportunity
It's easy to obtain a Turkish passport now.

With “The Citizenship Through Investment Programme” of the Government of the Republic of Turkey, which began in 2017, foreigners now can be able to be a Turkish citizen and get a Turkish passport via investment to the country.

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Turkey land of opportunity
Specialist service is a must for Turkish citizenship

Turkey do not have long and exhausting procedures and requirements for being a citizen, such as citizenship exam, temporary citizenship status, waiting lists, compulsory language learning like we see in many European countries.

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Real Estate İnvestment
Turkish citizenship with real estate investment.

Buying a real estate in country, where real estate and construction sectors are on a continuous bull-market, is a smart way to invest for your future.

Investment in Turkey
Bring your funds to Turkey for citizenship

Do you find fixed investment as risky and preferring to keep your wealth in liquid investment instruments?

Turquoise card
Turquoise card for who cannot make investment

Does your investment amount is below the necessary threshold for getting the right for citizenship or are not you be able to bring your funds Turkey right now?