What should I do to study at university in Turkey?

You have a very long, risky, complex and challenging process in front of you to open a university in Turkey. You are faced with many rules and restrictions. A good budget planning is required. You need connections, funding, and organization. To establish a private university, you must meet the necessary qualifications and conditions. However, if you can achieve stability after going through all the difficult processes and establishing a university, you can achieve great success both economically and in terms of reputation.
There will be many documents and procedures that need to be completed. Opening an education and training institution is a very difficult gain without working with the right consultant. You must have legal knowledge of regulations and laws. For this, our lawyer will do all the necessary follow-up for you. You should create resources, document everything, and hire expert lecturers and staff by giving importance to accreditation. Keep in mind that we are a consultant who can do all this on your behalf and for you.
In addition, it is necessary to focus on advertising as another issue. Because universities, which are educational institutions, need students. If you reach quality education standards and make the right promotion, it is not difficult to market and announce your university. Feasibility studies must be done correctly. A business plan should be made, necessary permits and licenses should be obtained, the location and building of the university should be determined, technological needs should be met, correct advertisement should be made by obtaining accreditation, cost planning should be arranged by working with knowledgeable people and gaining knowledge.

Providing State Support to Private Universities

State aid for research, education, training, investment and library expenses and other current expenditure items is given to foundation universities whose higher education institutions have provided research, education and training activities for at least two years.

This aid will be provided by taking the opinion of the Ministry of National Education upon the recommendation of YÖK, in accordance with the principles to be determined by the Council of Ministers, by calculating its own budget not to exceed 45%.
The important thing here is that the level of studies and researches to be done is at a level that will make a sound in the local and international arena. After receiving the opinion of the Ministry of National Education, the state aid to be made through it will be divided into 2 equal installments over the appropriation arranged for this purpose every year in the Budget Law, and will be made by the Ministry of Finance and Customs. The aided higher education institution is required to notify these two ministries and YÖK about the income and expenses of the previous year until the last day of April of each year.

Conditions of Opening a Private University

1. Universities consist of at least two faculties. Relevant programs providing education in the fields of science and literature should be included. Since the departments in these two programs are indispensable, it should be committed to admit students to these departments in the academic year when the university will start operating.
2. If an advanced technology institute is to be established, it must include at least two faculties. One of them must be in the field of technology. Departments in these fields should be opened to faculties related to technology. It should be committed to admit students to these departments in the academic year when the university will start operating. In addition, for this institute to be a university, it must have science and literature programs and comply with the principles of the regulation.
3. In the application of the university to be established, the Higher Education Institution (YÖK) receives the opinion of the State Planning Organization. The university must comply with the plan principles and applications must be made accordingly.
Do not forget that we will be by your side for many years and will not spare our support at every stage of this difficult and long road.
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