What is Turquoise Card?

Turquoise Card refers to the document that gives the foreigner the right to work in Turkey indefinitely, and the right of residence to his spouse and dependent children according to the provisions of the legislation.

In line with Turkey’s international labor policy; Turquoise Card is given to foreigners whose applications are approved according to their education level, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, the impact of their activity or investment in Turkey on the country’s economy and employment, the recommendations of the International Labor Policy Advisory Board and the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry. ).

When was the turquoise card introduced into the legislation?

Turquoise Card, which started to work in line with the Tenth Development Plan covering the years 2014-2018 and the Center of Attraction Program Action Plan for Qualified Manpower; regulated in Article 11 of the International Labor Law.
Turquoise Card application has entered our legislation with the International Labor Law published in the Official Gazette dated 13.08.2016 and numbered 29800.

Turquoise Card Consultancy

Your investment amount does not meet the necessary conditions for citizenship or you cannot bring your wealth to Turkey right now?

Turkuaz Card ConsultancyTurkuaz Card Program is just for you. By obtaining a Turquoise Card, which is similar to the Green Card Program implemented by the USA, it is possible to obtain the right to reside and work in Turkey, both for yourself and with your family, indefinitely.

Foreigners who meet certain criteria can directly apply for a Turquoise Card. Turquoise Card does not give you a Turkish passport, it gives you the right to live and work in Turkey by maintaining your current citizenship.

There is a Turquoise Card for Those Who Don't Bring Investment!

By getting a turquoise card, have comprehensive rights close to citizenship, live in Turkey, work in Turkey. If a turquoise card holder provides the necessary investment conditions, he or she can apply for a Turkish passport later on.

Persons with qualifications such as education, salary, experience and professional knowledge, contribution to science and technology, which can be a highly qualified workforce,
Persons who can be highly qualified investors, have investment and export level, employment size and can contribute to technological and scientific development,
Scientists or researchers who have international achievements in fields such as science, technology and industry and are considered to be beneficial for the interests of the country,
Individuals who are successful at the international level in terms of cultural, artistic or sporting activities,
Persons who carry out activities in the international arena for the benefit of Turkish culture in matters related to the recognition and national interests of the Republic of Turkey can become Turquoise Card holders.

The Turquoise Card is first issued with a 3-year transition period. During this 3-year transition period, if the cardholder does not stay outside of Turkey for more than the period determined by the ministry and the card is not cancelled, the registration of the transition period is canceled upon the application of the card holder and the card is issued indefinitely. It can be done 180 days before the transition period expires or, in any case, before the transition period expires. After this period expires, the application to remove the transition period and to have an indefinite card is rejected and the Turquoise Card becomes invalid.

Why and with what motives was the Turquoise Card application needed?

Turquoise Card was needed in order to attract qualified investors and qualified workforce to Turkey within the scope of Article 11 of the International Labor Law.

Turkuaz Card aims to provide our country with a competitive advantage in the global arena by making Turkey preferable in terms of highly qualified labor force for scientists or researchers, foreigners who are successful in cultural, artistic and sports activities at the international level and contribute to Turkey.