Tourism Residence Permit Consultancy

Tourism Residence Permit Consultancy
Foreigners who come to our country with a visa or visa exemption for tourism purposes only, can obtain a residence permit for up to one year, provided that they request and meet the conditions. For this, it is necessary to apply to us before the visa or visa exemption period expires, and to make an appointment and to prepare the specified documents until the appointment time.
As VIPTurkishPass, we would like to assist you in these processes with our experienced experts.

Short-Term Residence Permit for Those Who Own Immovable Property in Turkey

• 4 photographs (normal sizes)
• Original and photocopy of passport (last entry page, page with validity period and contact information)
• Appointment Form
• General health insurance
• Reservation Certificate if the foreign national is staying at the hotel
• Notarized Rental Agreement if the foreign national stays in the rental
• If a Turkish citizen is staying with him, T.R. Notary public undertaking

Foreign Real Estate Consultancy and Sales

We provide real estate consultancy services to our customers for investment or residence purposes in the developing and economically promising regions of Istanbul.
In addition, we obtain a 2-year residence permit for all our foreign citizens who own real estate in our country. Without exception, each of them is given a 2-year residence permit based on the title deed they receive.
All you have to do is reach us and tell us about your dreams. We prepare the rest for you and offer the real estates that suit your wishes.
VIPTurkishPass, especially for its customers, in many regions of our country; You can examine real estates, whether for investment or living, in our offices.

A New Future

Business life in Turkey The new Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 was adopted on 1 July 2012. Thus, in line with the harmonization efforts of the European Union, the new commercial law has created a better structured and less complex business life.
Moreover, the law reflected basic EU principles such as free movement of capital. Among all, one of the main developments achieved by the enactment of the new law is the correction of the shareholding structure of companies. Accordingly, the new law allows the establishment of single shareholder joint stock companies or limited liability companies.
Moreover, foreign individuals can set up a joint stock company or a limited liability company. In joint stock companies, the board of directors can be formed by only one person and the board can also meet in an electronic environment. In addition, legal entities can be appointed as board members. Thus, foreign individuals or legal entities may establish a joint stock company and the board members may be foreign persons.