Subsequent Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship is acquired in 2 ways;
1. Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Birth
• By Lineage
• Based on Place of Birth
2. Subsequent Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship
• Competent Authority Decision
• Adoption
• Exercising the Right to Choose

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by the Decision of the Competent Authority

• Acquisition of Turkish citizenship in a general way
• Exceptional acquisition of Turkish citizenship
• Re-acquisition of Turkish citizenship
• Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through marriage

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship in General Way

It is the citizenship acquired by the foreigner who fulfills the conditions of the state, accepting the citizenship request through application. A foreigner who does not meet the necessary conditions can acquire Turkish citizenship with the decision of the competent authority, within his application. Having the conditions does not provide an absolute right to the person in the acquisition of citizenship. In order to acquire Turkish citizenship, applications to be made within the country are made to the governorship where the settlement is located, and applications to be made abroad are made to foreign representations. This application can be made in person or with a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right.
• To be of legal age and to have the power to distinguish, according to their own national law or, if they are stateless, according to the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721,
• Having resided in Turkey for five consecutive years from the date of application,
• Demonstrating that they have decided to settle in Turkey with one of the following convincing and proving reasons,
• Acquiring immovable property in Turkey,
• Investing in Turkey,
• Establishing a business in Turkey,
• To transfer a trade and business center in Turkey,
• Working in a workplace subject to a work permit,
• Marrying a Turkish Citizen,
• Applying as a family,
• Having a mother, father, sibling or child who was a Turkish citizen before
• Having completed your education in Turkey
Note: Citizenship applications of people residing in Turkey for temporary purposes such as touristic or temporary business trips and treatment are not accepted.
• Not having a disease that poses a danger to general health,
• Having a good moral and sense of responsibility,
• The person has been punished for crimes that disrupt the social order such as smuggling, fraud, theft.
• Having behaviors such as drug use and prostitution that are contrary to Turkish customs and family life.
• Being tried, convicted or detained for any crime will result in the rejection of the citizenship application.
• Being able to speak Turkish at a sufficient level,
• Having a sufficient income and profession to support themselves, their family and their dependents in Turkey,
• If necessary, the applicants should renounce their citizenship at the request of the ministry,
• There should be no situation that would hinder national security and public order.

Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Even if some foreigners do not meet the general requirements for naturalization, they have been given the opportunity to acquire Turkish citizenship by exceptional means;
• Persons who have established an industrial facility in Turkey, have provided or are expected to provide superior service in economic, technological, scientific, social, cultural, artistic and sports fields, and for whom a justified offer has been made by the relevant Ministries.
• Those who are deemed to be in the interest of our country within the scope of international relations and who are deemed necessary to acquire Turkish citizenship for any reason determined by the Council of Ministers
• Those who are accepted as immigrants under the Settlement Law.
• Persons of Turkish descent and adherence to Turkish culture, who come to Turkey alone or collectively for the purpose of settling, are considered as immigrants according to the Settlement Law. The Council of Ministers decides whether these people are of Turkish descent and belong to Turkish culture. Balkan immigrants are also included in this category.
• Persons who apply for exceptional citizenship should not have a situation that would hinder national security and public order.
• Exceptional citizenship is granted by the decision of the Council of Ministers, as a result of the proposal of the Ministry of Interior, without being evaluated according to other conditions.

Re-acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Persons who have lost their Turkish citizenship for any reason can regain Turkish citizenship in two ways, according to the residence condition;

Re-acquiring Turkish Citizenship Without Requirement of Residence

• Those who lost their Turkish citizenship by obtaining a leave of absence,
• Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship due to their mother or father, against their will, and those who have not exercised their right to vote within three years as they turn 18,
• Persons who have duly exited Turkish citizenship and lived abroad and acquired the citizenship of the country in which they live, regain Turkish citizenship in this way.

Re-acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Based on Residence Conditions

• Become a Turkish citizen residing in Turkey and losing Turkish citizenship by using the right to choose