Private School Establishment Procedures in Turkey

The process of establishing a private school is quite costly and laborious. For this, you need to get support from consultants who are experts in the work you will carry out the process together. Keep in mind that we will be with you in the process of establishing a private school. If you want, let’s review the process together.
The Process of Establishing a Private School:
1. Determine the grade levels, how many grades there will be.
2. Set goals that explain the school’s values ​​and approach to education and include them in your curriculum.
3. Identify the school’s governing board. Establish the school committee whose members you will appoint, paying attention to their specialization in different fields such as education, accounting, law, construction and business.
4. Provide all the school’s requirements.
5. Complete both interior and exterior arrangements of the school building.
6. Create a legal entity.
7. Prepare a business plan.
8. Create a budget by determining investment expenses.
9. Determine the location for your school. Being central will always work for you.
10. Take care to select personnel who are experts in the job. Select administrators and school principals in accordance with the MoNE regulations.
11. Establish a teaching staff of talented teachers who are experts in their fields and have high qualifications.
12. Pay attention to the advertisement and promotion of the school. Advertise through magazines and newspapers, as well as using social media channels.
Open a registration office at your school. Start receiving student registrations.

Documents Required for Private School Openings

Your application will not be accepted without the necessary documents to establish a private school. The documents issued within the scope of the Regulation on Related Private Education Institutions M.5/2 are as follows;
• Form petition (Annex-1)
• Written statement stating that you have not been convicted of any of the crimes listed in Article 53 of the TCK
• A copy of the articles of association, bylaws or foundation deed published in the Turkish trade registry gazette in line with the nature of the legal entity, which includes statements about working as an operator in the private education institution, approved by the national education directorate for private schools established as legal persons.
• Example of the resolution of the board of directors stating that the representative founder is authorized to open, transfer and carry out other similar transactions, approved by the education directorate.
• Layout drawing of the institution building
• Written statement regarding the commitment to act in accordance with the institutional regulation approved by the Ministry
• For institutions that have established curricula applied with the approval of the Ministry and do not have a weekly course schedule, and institutions that apply unique programs for trial purposes or officially; 3 copies of the curriculum draft to be submitted to the approval of the ministry, CD and draft of the weekly course schedule
• Written statement of the founders of schools with official counterparts aiming to comply with the regulation to which they are subject, 3 copies and CD of the draft institution regulation prepared to be submitted to the approval of the Ministry for schools that want to implement different practices from the regulations to which official similar schools are subject, or a copy of which the founder has previously obtained permission to open. written statement that the institution regulation approved by the ministry will be applied for another school
• Written statement that work permit offers will be made for all personnel and managers
• A copy of the rental agreement prepared according to the school type approved by the Directorate of National Education or a copy of the title deed of the institution building.
• If a Health Vocational High School is to be established, the protocol to be signed with the hospital in that province
• Report on the fire precautions related to the building within the scope of the relevant legislation to be obtained from the fire department
• A report to be obtained from provincial or district health units regarding the compliance of the institution’s environment and building with health conditions.
• Technical report to be obtained from the building project authors, the provincial directorates of environment and urban planning, or the university or authorized freelance project offices, indicating that the institution building is strong and durable.
• If it is an international school to be opened by foreign nationals through partnership or directly, the permission of the council of ministers
• Equivalency certificate if it is an international school
Applications are made to the District Governor’s Office or Governor’s Office, Provincial or District National Education Directorates with the above documents. The applicant is given a receipt indicating the date of application. The files are sent to the relevant governorship within 3 working days. After the application is approved, your institution will now be able to start its education life as a training center approved by the Ministry of National Education. Penalties are imposed on educational institutions that provide services without this approval. Again, we guarantee that we will be with you in all these processes.