How to Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot: It is one of the favorite fields of most international students who want to study in Turkey. For this purpose and to inform you about the terms of this field, we try to answer the questions of those who are interested in this article.

Universities Providing Pilot Training in Turkey

There are many universities in Turkey for students who are interested in taking pilot training and giving private aviation and piloting courses such as State University and Private University, one of them is the Turkish Aviation University, which was established as the first aviation university named Ankara in the Turkish capital. The Turkish Aviation Association (abbreviated as UTAA) specializes in aviation, aircraft and pilot science and oversees the Turkish Aviation University.

Obtaining a Pilot License in Turkey

Pilot students in Turkey get a license if they have completed the theoretical and applied courses and courses and can pass the relevant exams. There are special requirements for students to study aviation in Turkey. One of these conditions is that for the graduate student, there must be a flight of up to 207 hours on Turkish commercial aircraft, after which he can get permission to fly in the sky for 243 hours.

How to Apply for Pilot Training?

Foreign students must obtain a student visa in order to take pilot training. Therefore, foreigners wishing to enter Turkish universities, including pilot training in Turkey, should take the necessary steps to obtain a student visa. Before that, they need to get an acceptance letter from the Turkish Aviation University and then apply for their visa to the Turkish Embassy along with the acceptance letter and other required documents.

Documents Required for Pilot Training

Turkish Aviation Universities require the following documents for their pilot training at private universities in Turkey:
For PPL License:
• To be at least 18 years old
• Min. be a high school graduate or equivalent
• Obtaining a valid 2nd class health report from health institutions authorized by DGCA
• For ATPL (Frozen) License:
• To be at least 18 years old
• Having a bachelor’s or associate’s degree
• Having at least “Upper Intermediate” level of English
• Obtaining a valid 1st class health report from health institutions authorized by DGCA
Turkish Aviation University has opened various colleges since 2013, some of which are listed below, some of which are:
• Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering
• Faculty of Meteorology Engineering
• Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Faculty of Industrial Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering School
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Overview of Pilot Training in Turkey

It is possible to immigrate to Turkey through training in various aviation fields, including pilot training in Turkey. Some of these trainings are as follows:
• Piloting
• Air Traffic Control
• Passenger Air Transport