Independent Work Permit Consultancy

It can be granted to foreigners who will work independently, provided that they have resided in Turkey legally and uninterruptedly for at least “five years”, that their work creates added value in terms of economic development and will have a positive effect on employment.
An “Independent Work Permit Application Document” is given to the foreigner who is approved to be granted an independent work permit. Independent work permit is valid for “three months” from the date of issue. After establishing the workplace, the foreigner can be granted an independent work permit if he/she submits the trade registry record to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
As VIPTurkishPass, we would like to assist you in these processes with our experienced experts.

Renewal of a Fixed Term Employment Contract

It will be sufficient to contact our expert staff in order to obtain, examine and finalize your application as soon as possible during the preparation, examination and preparation of all documents and documents required for your independent work permit applications.