Indefinite Work Permit Consultancy

Unless otherwise stated in the bilateral or multilateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, an indefinite work permit can be granted to foreigners who have been residing in Turkey for at least 8 years uninterruptedly and legally and have worked legally for at least 6 years.
Regardless of the situation in the domestic market and developments in working life, foreigners can be granted an indefinite work permit without any business, occupation or geographical area boundaries.
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Renewal of a Fixed Term Employment Contract

The duration of education is not taken into account when evaluating the condition of the foreigner to legally and uninterruptedly reside in Turkey for at least 8 years. On the other hand, the education period of the spouse and children of the foreigner who come to Turkey and reside in the country is considered as the residence period.
In order to prove that the foreigner has legally worked in Turkey for at least 6 years, he or she must submit documents from the relevant institutions. This document is submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security when applying for an indefinite work permit.
A foreigner who has obtained an indefinite work permit must notify the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within a maximum of 15 days in case his workplace or workplace address changes.