Opening a Private Hospital in Turkey

It is a profitable business to open a private hospital to work in the health sector in Turkey, to establish a business and to provide employment. It also brings benefits to society in the field of medicine. There are two things you need to have for this; obtaining the necessary permits and having sufficient capital to invest. But remember, although the requirements for this process are only these, the process is quite difficult and complicated.

Working with a consultancy company that is an expert in the business and will allow you to obtain the necessary permits will open all doors for you. Our company, which has established good relations with the Turkish authorities, the Ministry of Interior, DEİK and MUSIAD, will offer you all its opportunities in this regard. We have explained to you in the article below what you need to follow to own a hospital.

The Way and Conditions to be Followed for Opening a Private Hospital

The building that will serve as a hospital must have the qualifications to be a hospital. You can start the procedure with the help of permits and licenses to be obtained from the necessary places. As the Ministry of Health is very meticulous in this regard, you can open a private hospital with the license given after getting permission from the Ministry of Health. You have to submit the petition in which you will specify the type of hospital you will open, to the responsible directorates and to the governor’s office. In addition to the obligation that all medical equipment of private hospitals licensed by the Ministry must be in the latest and cleanest form, the ministry may request that specialist health workers be added within the scope of the business plan and that the hospital be equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

A manager should be appointed to the hospital who will be responsible for the technical, medical and administrative services to be provided. The duty of the responsible manager will be to follow the procedures related to the directorate and ministries on behalf of the hospital, and to be in contact with these channels. The doctor to be qualified with this title must have worked in private or public hospitals for 2 years within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and must have been a physician for at least 5 years.

The rooms where the patients stay should be placed in such a way that they can receive sufficient daylight. Walls and floors should be of a quality and smoothness that will facilitate cleaning, and disinfection should be provided. The width of the doors of the rooms should not be less than 110 centimeters. The doors of the bathrooms and toilets should be open to the outside. These rooms should not have more than 2 patient beds. Nurse stations should be located in each corridor.

Necessary Steps of Opening a Private Hospital

Business plan

It is not possible to act unplanned when opening a Private Hospital. A rather complex process awaits you. The establishment, management and administration of the investment should be well thought out and planned down to the smallest detail. Otherwise, you will encounter not only unnecessary and unexpected expenses, but also many problems that will slow down the process. Therefore, you should not act alone and act together with correct, reliable and expert consultants. Let’s plan this process together.


The Ministry of Health issues permits and licenses by scrutinizing closely. Since they are health institutions, hospitals require many permits and licenses. These processes need to be handled quickly and as a priority. In addition to legal support, you must have good relations with the ministry. You can get these permits and licenses quickly with our links.


Establishing a hospital in a location where people cannot easily reach it will not be the right choice. Because people who want to receive a health service will first need to be close to that hospital in order to choose a hospital. A hospital located in a clearing, on a wide road, if possible, in a place that is familiar to people, such as a square, is the most ideal.


It is not enough just to have a hospital in a good location. In addition, the building where the hospital will be established must be suitable for being a hospital. The most important point to be considered in the selection of the building is that the building to be provided with health services is not so old that this service cannot be provided. Materials that will not endanger life safety should be used for interior architecture and building construction. Choosing a building that was previously used as a hospital will make the process easier. If a building of this nature cannot be found, no problem; then a new building suitable to be a hospital can be built. In any case, within the scope of our real estate consultancy, let us find the building you are looking for in a location suitable for you.


To run and open a hospital, you must know a lot and work with other knowledgeable professionals. You should research the professional working lives of your employees well. You should work with people who know the business. Let us find these employees for you.


Opening a hospital is a very profitable business. But also from the opening to the cost, employee salaries, equipment, administration. It is also quite costly, as far as its construction and management. Opening a hospital means making a high-budget investment. Therefore, budget planning is of high importance. Note also that we have an accounting and budget planning service package. We will be with you in all these processes.

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