Fixed Term Work Permit Consultancy

Today, it is essential that employment contracts be of “Indefinite Term”. However, the Labor Law also allows workers and employers to conclude contracts with a “fixed duration” in line with certain conditions and restrictions.

Fixed-term contracts are in Article 11 of the Labor Law No. 4857;

• In fixed-term jobs
• Completion of a particular job
• A written employment contract between the employer and the employee, depending on objective conditions such as the occurrence of a certain phenomenon, is a fixed-term employment contract.

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Renewal of a Fixed Term Employment Contract

In case of renewal of a fixed-term employment contract, some specific situations are sought. At the end of the period, it may be possible to renew the contract with the declaration of one of the parties that it wishes to renew it. Fixed-term contracts can be renewed only once.

The conditions that made the contract valid when it was made for the first time should be paid attention to the existence of the same conditions when it is renewed. Otherwise, it is considered as an indefinite period. In the case of more than one renewal, the “fundamental reason” is sought. Contracts that are repeatedly renewed on the basis of a fundamental reason retain their specificity.

This rule is stated in Article 11 of the Labor Law as follows: “A fixed-term employment contract cannot be concluded more than once (chained) unless there is a fundamental reason. Otherwise, the employment contract is considered indefinite from the beginning.”

Where does it appear?

Examples of situations where a fixed-term contract can be made are campaign periods of companies, seasonal works, exhibition-fair-sporting activities, compensation of personnel who left the job for a short time, stage works, works started within the project-tender, unexpectedly increasing orders, installation of a machine in the factory and so on. situations can be displayed.

There are also exceptions regulated by special laws. According to the Law on Private Education Institutions, personnel to be recruited with titles such as administrators, teachers, and master trainers to work in private education institutions must be recruited with a contract of at least 1 year. Even if these contracts are renewed for at least one year each year, they will not be counted as a chain.

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Job Security in a Fixed Term Contract

Return to Work/Job Assurance: The most distinctive feature of fixed-term contracts is that they do not grant the right to reemploy the worker. In these contracts, considering that the employer provides job security to the worker throughout the contract period, job security is not in question after termination.

However, it should not be forgotten that any employment relationship that is determined to be made with the aim of not giving the employee the right to be reemployed or that does not meet the conditions of a fixed-term employment contract is evaluated as uncertain. In this case, the employee has the right to return to work.