Family Residence Permit Consultancy

You do not need to leave your family to obtain a residence permit. On the contrary, the Turkish citizenship program provides not only yourself but also your family with a Turkish passport, ensuring that you plan a future together. You can apply for a residence permit in Turkey together with your spouse and children who have not completed the age of 18.
Your family over the age of 18 has the right to both a residence permit and Turkish citizenship in Turkey. As VIPTurkishPass, we would like to assist you in these processes with our experienced experts.

Family Residence Permit in Turkey

Family residence permit is regulated in Articles 34 and 37 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and is a type of short-term residence permit granted to foreign family members in order to protect family unity. It is given to foreign nationals in family status. Permission is given to the foreign national through the person whom the law refers to as the “supporter”.

Who Is This Permission Granted To?

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, those included in Article 28 of Law No. 5901 or foreigners who have one of the legal residence permits in Turkey, refugees and subsidiary protection status holders;

1. To his/her foreign national spouse;
2. His/her spouse’s or his/her minor foreign national child;

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In the type of Family Residence Permit, the legislator did not limit the sponsor to only Turkish citizens, but interpreted it more broadly. Not only foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen, but also foreigners with legal residence permit in Turkey, refugees and foreigners married to foreigners with secondary protection can apply. The supporter can obtain a residence permit for his/her spouse, as well as for his/her children and children who are dependent on his/her spouse but are not his/her own.
If the foreign supporter has more than one spouse, only one of the spouses is granted a family residence permit. However, all children of the sponsor are granted a residence permit within the scope of family residence.
In cases where one of the parents who have joint custody of the children is abroad, the consent of the mother or father who is abroad is sought. Children residing in Turkey within the scope of family residence can continue their education in educational institutions without obtaining student residence until they reach the age of majority.
Children who have resided in Turkey for at least 3 years with a family residence permit and have reached the age of majority, can convert their family residence permit into a short-term residence permit upon request. T.R. Foreign nationals who are married to their citizens and have been residing with a family residence permit for at least 3 years can apply for a short-term residence permit in case of divorce. However, in cases where it is proven by a court decision that the foreign national spouse has been victimized due to domestic violence, the 3-year requirement is not sought.

In How Many Days Does Family Residence Permit Be Issued?

Family Residence Permit is issued for a maximum of 3 years and in any case, if the sponsor is a foreign national, it cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit.
According to the Foreigners Law, the sponsor must meet the following conditions. If the sponsor does not fulfill the aforementioned conditions, the application of the foreign national within the scope of family residence permit will not be accepted.
Moreover, foreign individuals can set up a joint stock company or a limited liability company. In joint stock companies, the board of directors can be formed by only one person and the board can also meet in an electronic environment. In addition, legal entities can be appointed as board members. Thus, foreign individuals or legal entities may establish a joint stock company and the board members may be foreign persons.
• Universal health insurance that will cover the sponsor himself and the foreign national who will obtain a residence permit;
• The sponsor’s monthly income should be at least 1/3 of the minimum wage per person;
• The sponsor has not committed a crime against the family order in the last 5 years;
• The sponsor has been residing in Turkey for at least 1 year and is registered in the address registration system;
• The spouses are not younger than eighteen years old.