Extension of Residence Permit

Foreigners who want to extend their residence permit can apply for a residence permit just like the residence permit application they have applied for before. The important point in the residence permit extension applications is that the application period and date should be paid attention to. When applying for a residence permit extension, the application date must be within the existing residence permit period of the applicant. Foreigners residing in Turkey should apply at most 60 days before the expiry of their residence or work permit and 1-2 days before the expiry date of the residence permit as the last application date. Residence permit extension appointments are not called as Residence Permit Extension appointments as in the past. With some changes made with the establishment of the Migration Administration, it is no longer necessary to make an appointment for a foreign residence permit extension.

Residence Permit Making an Appointment

Residence permit extension process, the information provided must be declared in a complete, correct and untrue manner and entered into the system. In the extension of the residence permit, the information given by the person before must match the information given by the new person. Otherwise, the residence permit extension request will be rejected. As with the first application for a residence permit, health insurance is also required in the application for a residence permit extension.
Residence Permit Extension Application
When making the residence permit extension application process, the application start date should be determined as the previous residence permit expiry date. The purpose of this is to start a new residence permit, which is extended with the expiry of the residence permit. In this way, the residence permit will not be interrupted. When applying for a residence permit, the foreign national must have a passport document valid for at least 60 days starting from the date of request for residence permit. The documents and documents required for residence permit applications vary according to the type of residence permit requested. The common documents and documents requested in the residence permit application are as follows;
• Photocopy of the passaport
• 4 Photographs
• Health insurance
• Residence Permit Application Form
• Document showing that he/she has sufficient financial means during his/her residence period.

Aile İkamet İzni Uzatma
İkamet İzni Uzatma

Residence permit extension application procedures are carried out through the automation system. After the application is completed in the system, documents and documents must be sent within five working days. The person whose application is completed through the system should send their documents by mail. Residence permit applications of persons who do not send their documents by courier will not be accepted. In addition, the receipt of the residence permit fee must be included in the relevant envelope.
The residence permit application is made by mail. An appointment is not required for this. Documents and documents must be sent by PTT cargo with return and registered form. Mail sent in any other way is not accepted.

Result of Residence Permit Extension Application

After the residence permit application is made, the documents given to the cargo are subjected to a 90-day evaluation process at the Provincial Immigration Administration. Documents that do not reach the administration by mail are not included in this process. Residence permits of those whose applications pass the evaluation stage positively are approved by the General Directorate of Migration Management and sent to the address of residence.