Citizenship by Residence

Foreigners who have been residing in our country for many years and who have completed five (5) years have the right to apply for citizenship if they meet the following conditions. The most important condition in the residence-based citizenship application, which is also known as the “General Application Way”; It is the condition that the foreigner has not been outside of Turkey for more than six (6) months within five (5) years retrospectively. Otherwise, it means “interruption in residence” and the application is not processed.
The most important condition in General Applications; It is the condition of “no interruption in residence”. As we mentioned above, if the foreigner’s time spent outside of Turkey exceeds six (6) months, his application will be rejected.
As a result of this petition, the “Residence Calculation” is made in detail and it becomes clear whether it meets the requirement or not. It may take up to two (2) weeks for the statement of account to be given with the calculation to be made on your petition.
• In order to have your file open in your citizenship application, you must first provide the following required documents completely.
• You can contact us for Application Forms, which is one of the required documents.
• After the documents are prepared as Apostilled, they must also be translated as notarized.

Expert Service Requirement for Citizenship Applications

There are no long and tiring procedures that you see in European countries such as citizenship exam, temporary citizenship, waiting lists, learning Turkish, withdrawing from Turkish culture to become a Turkish Citizen! It is only necessary to make a complete and error-free application by obtaining expert information from a professional consultancy firm.
A small mistake that can be made in the application process for Turkish citizenship may cause you to lose effort and money, as well as result in the rejection of your citizenship application.
Expert knowledge, experienced personnel, and a consultancy service speaking your language are essential for completing all documents, notarized translation, obtaining the necessary documents from the relevant public institutions of the government of the Republic of Turkey, and making the applications to the Ministry of Interior without errors.

Your Permanent Representative in Turkey

With its expert, experienced and native-speaking staff, VIPTurkishPass not only fulfills your citizenship processes, but also does not leave you alone after your application. After you get citizenship, we become your permanent representative for all kinds of business and transactions in Turkey, and we carry out your business in the fastest and most effective way. The services provided by our company after citizenship are as follows:
1. Investment consultancy in Turkey
2. Real estate purchase and sale and financial investment consultancy in Turkey
3. Follow-up of your treatment and health processes in Turkey
4. As your permanent representative, follow-up of all your affairs before government institutions
5. Follow-up of your passport renewal, document issuance, official application processes
6. Follow-up of litigation and legal processes with our contracted lawyers
7. Counseling on benefiting from retirement and social assistance services in Turkey
8. One-to-one escort, welcome and guidance services for your travels to Turkey
9. Labor and social security law consultancy for the workplaces you will establish in Turkey
10. Continuous information and circular publication services about Turkey
Work with us Let VIPTurkishPass be your right arm in Turkey!

Turkey A Success Story

With this application we will make within the scope of Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, both our clients, their spouses and their children under the age of 18 can acquire Turkish citizenship. As VIPTurkishPass, we are ready to offer you legal support in this regard.
Whether you are abroad or in Turkey, you can contact our expert lawyers and consultants on our contact phone number +90 212 809 00 46.