Circular Services

Our circular services are a regular information service that aims to inform our customers on issues that are hesitant to implement, are complex, need to be determined in application details or have changed recently. Circular services are offered daily, weekly, and on specific events as a matter of urgency. Thanks to our Circulars presented in Turkish and English, you will have the opportunity to be informed regularly.
The subjects we provide circular service are:
• Significant changes concerning citizenship legislation and subsequent citizens
• Important changes concerning residence legislation and foreigners residing in Turkey
• Issues that concern foreigners who have settled in Turkey or become citizens later on, but create confusion in practice
• Investment and entrepreneurship opportunities in Turkey
• Legislation and current changes regarding government incentives, supports and aids that you can benefit from in Turkey
• Regular briefings on Turkey’s political, economic, cultural and social situation
• Legal and practical changes and updates in Turkey in specific areas of interest.
Thanks to the circular services, you will both get up-to-date, concise and comprehensive information about Turkey and Turkish legislation, and you will have the chance to learn about important changes that concern you or your company from the very beginning of the application. Our circular services make you informed about Turkey and help you build a safer, more profitable and more stable future in this beautiful country where you entrust your future.