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With its expert, experienced and native-speaking staff, VIPTurkishPass not only fulfills your citizenship procedures, but also does not leave you alone after your application.
After obtaining your citizenship, we become your permanent representative in all kinds of business and transactions in Turkey, and we carry out your business in the fastest and most effective way.
We are always with you for your needs such as Turquoise Card, work permit, residence permit.
The services provided by our company after citizenship are as follows:
⦁ Investment consultancy in Turkey
⦁ Real estate trade and financial investment consultancy in Turkey
⦁ Follow-up of your treatment and health processes in Turkey
⦁ As your permanent representative, follow-up of all your affairs before government institutions
⦁ Follow-up of passport renewal, document issuance, official application processes
⦁ Follow-up of litigation and legal processes with our contracted lawyers
⦁ Counseling on benefiting from retirement and social assistance services in Turkey
⦁ One-to-one escort, welcome and guide services for your trips to Turkey
⦁ Business and social security law consultancy for businesses you will establish in Turkey
⦁ Continuous information and circular broadcasting services about Turkey
Work with us, VIPTurkishPass is your safe partner in Turkey!

Investment Consulting

Investment Consulting in Turkey In a period where an investment instrument is regulated every day in the Turkish capital markets

Citizenship Application Consultancy

Citizenship Application Consultancy Citizenship Through Real EstateCitizenship Through Real Estate It is a very good investment method for owning a

Residence Permit Consultancy in Turkey

Residence Permit Consultancy in Turkey Residence Permit Consultancy in Turkey If foreigners enter Turkey with a visa suitable for their

Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey

Work Permit Consultancy in Turkey Fixed Term Work Permit ConsultancyFixed Term Work Permit Consultancy Today, it is essential that employment

Turquoise Card Consultancy

What is Turquoise Card? Turquoise Card refers to the document that gives the foreigner the right to work in Turkey

Education Consultancy

Education Consultancy If you are looking for a reliable education consultant, you are at the right place. VIPTurkishPass has been

Professional Equivalency Counseling in Turkey

Professional Equivalency Counseling in Turkey With professional equivalency, you show your employer how comparable your professional qualification is to a

Refusal of Residence and Deport Consultancy

Refusal of Residence and Deport Consultancy A significant portion of residence permit applications in Turkey are rejected for different reasons.

Circular Services

Circular Services Our circular services are a regular information service that aims to inform our customers on issues that are