Even if they are not Turkish citizens, certain rights are granted in Turkish laws to people who prove that they are ethnically Turkish/ of a Turkish descent. The document showing that the person is a foreigner of Turkish origin is called the "Turkish Noble Certificate" or "Turkish Ancestry Identity".

In accordance with the Code No. 2527 on Turkish Noble Foreigners Freely Performing Their Professions and Arts, and Employment in Public, Private Institutions, Organizations or Workplaces, and in accordance with the implementing regulation of this law, a population register of foreign nationals is kept at the General Directorate of Population Administration of the Republic of Turkey.

Foreigners of Turkish descent, who are subject to the provisions of the aforimentioned law and regulation, are obliged to establish foreign population records. Foreigners of Turkish origin must apply to the Provincial Population and Citizenship Directorate or the District Population Directorate of their place of residence in order to be registered in the population register.

Turkish nobility certificate, or Turkish ancestry identity, is a document that enables people who do not have Turkish citizenship but are of Turkish origin to easily obtain a work permit in Turkey. It is also a document that allows them to easily practice their profession and arts within the borders of Turkey freely.

Foreigners of Turkish origin can freely carry out the works reserved for Turkish citizens by various laws in the workplaces of public or private institutions and they can also be employed as a civil servant.

Foreigners of Turkish origin can apply for a work permit to Ministry of Labour and Social Security in order to perform the professions and duties that are limited to Turkish citizens only by the relevant laws.

For obtaining the Turkish Noble Certificate, it must be proven with documents obtained from official authorities that the person is Turkish noble. Documents from other country embassies or consulates are not accepted unless they are processed by the Ministry of Interior as to based to issuing of a Turkish Noble Certificate.

Work permit applications within this scope are evaluated by the General Directorate of Population and Citizens Affairs and finalized by taking the opinions of the relevant ministries.

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